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Enjoy Vienna!

The city sight-seeing tour includes the known and popular major sites of the Austrian Capital. The Opera and other historical buildings along the “Ring”, castles such as the Hofburg, Belvedere and Schönbrunn and the various famous churches, Along the route you will get insights to the various quarters and squares of the city and naturally also a visit to famous food market, the “Naschmarkt” will be included.

We offer a variety of special tours in Vienna. Here only few examples:

From coffee to cakes

In Austria called the “Kaffeehaus”, this term implements much more than a place just to have a cup of coffee. These places functioned as living rooms for all: artists, writers, politicians, scientists and business people alike. Some of these coffee-bars became extremely well known and are worth to hear about the place and its splendid guests. Naturally it is always more than just coffee: the cakes and tartes of the Habsburgian Empire culminated in Vienna to become a culture of sweet creativity, a temptation …

Past empire and present migration

The glory of the Austrian Empire is past, but Vienna benefits until today from the cultural heritage the variety of different societies brought to the imperial center of continental Europe. The tour will give insight to foreign influence adapted and to oriental contributions to Viennese life-style in the past until today.

Beats, letters, thoughts & more

Many famous artists, musicians, writers and scientists lived in Vienna. Mozart, Hundertwasser, Zweig and Freud, if only to mention one for each of mentioned arts. Our tour will lead along their places of living, sites where stories connect to the famous names, memorials and sculptures giving evidence of end respect to their work.

A Wienerwald experience

The popular outskirt of Vienna where the city’s inhabitants go to enjoy the air and the flair of nature is the Vienna Forest, the “Wienerwald”. There, hidden treasures of history and culture await your visit and also the meals are an integral part of the leisure time spent there, the so called “Heurigen”.