© Österreich Werbung, Fotograf: Mallaun


Richness of Kärnten

The picturesque town of Kärnten gives evidence of residential richness amidst a mountainous region. A tour through the city leads among other sites to Alter Platz, the Lindwurm Fountain and the Maria Theresia Monument, the Duke´s Chair, Neuer Platz, the Column of the Trinity (Plague Column) and the Bambergerhof

A glance of Slovenia

A long the Wörther lake, passing Villach an crossing the border to Slovenia the tour will lead to Bled Castle. Oldest part of this site is from Roman origin, most of its present buildings based in the Middle Age. First mentioned already beginning of 11th century, the impressive fortress is also a site of panoramic view of the northern Slovenian valley region.

A walking tour through the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, passing the many belle époque buildings and  the old houses of the town center will be followed by a midday break and leisure time for shopping and individual sight-seeing before returning back to Klagenfurt.