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Classical Salzburg

On this general tour to Salzburg, all major sites will be visited and seen. Through the narrow streets of the old city and the Getreidegasse, passing the Mozart House and the Mozarteum, you will also reach the Trinity Chruch and the Palace of Frohnburg, Nonnberg Abbey, Siegmunds Gate, Festival Halls and the Horse Pond.

Salzburg on a beer

Well, you might have not expect it, but in Salzburg there are some breweries with long traditions. A walk through the old city will not only lead to the most important sites and sights of Salzburg, but include a discovery on the city’s art of brewing, including a tasting. A longer version of the tour will also include the visit to a brewery production site.


A day tour leading into the Alpine nature around Salzburg. Lakes and rivers, mountains and valleys, fields and forests are the setting of a rich region of farming and production. Leisure sites, castles and abbeys are spots to visit and to enjoy for a brake on route.