Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

AGE International is aware about the needs of our clients. But in order to render our quality in services we naturally need also to have some rules and by-laws respected, thus bringing cooperation and partnership in business to be a benefit to all sides involved.

AGE International knows about the different needs and obligations pending on different operations, FIT or groups. Therefore we have special designed “Terms & Conditions” of rendering our services for these two segments in order that you will find all indications you need to know. Please choose the buttons on the left side of this page.

Be aware, that for special requests and bookings, accordingly special terms might apply that will be communicated to your attention while processing offers and confirmations.

In any case of uncertainty in regard of our “Terms & Conditions” you are required to contact us for clarification. Services rendered are automatically bound to these our “Terms & Conditions” as published here on this site.